Thanksgiving Time

Turkey Photograph

Flatbush Food Co-op supports healthy eating and sustainable farming by offering a
selection of organic and all-natural turkeys. We provide high-quality fresh turkeys,
raised free of antibiotics and hormones, ensuring a healthier and tastier
Thanksgiving dinner. This year, select your turkey from:


Wise turkeys are "double-certified" 
- organic and kosher!
Locally raised in Pennsylvania. 


Mary's Turkey

Mary's Turkeys are raised free-range
and antibiotic- and hormone-free on a
family-owned and operated farm. Available in all-natural or organic.

Turkeys are available in the following sizes:

Hams, ducks, and bone-in turkey breast will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Supplies are limited, pre-order your turkey by calling 718-284-9717 or stop by the store!